boost your immunity


Mind over matter - boosting your immunity

We all talk about psychosomatic illnesses and recovery as   'mind over matter' , but  Is there really such a thing as thinking ourselves ...

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Short of inspiration? Nervous about making something for the first time? wanting to learn a new skill? Trying to save a bit of money? Keen to use up those leftovers or find a use for that old chair or those old school sweatshirts? Eager ...


Try our simple yummy fish recipe

baked salmon filte with green beans

There are a number of television ads at the moment trying to kid you that fish is difficult to cook and takes ages to prepare. Hah! Try our simple and highly adaptable recipe - that works for all sorts of fish and with a range of tasty ...


Mend, refurbish, renovate and upcycle old dining chairs

upcycled dining chairs

Ideas how you can revive old dining chairs by upcycling them into stylish new pieces


Everything you want to know about making cushions


The most searched for items on our site relate to making cushion covers, so we thought we'd pull it all together for you here in a simple summary so you can find the right page, whatever your cushion-making needs. Making designer ...


How to grow garlic


Garlic can be planted in the autumn (October/ November) or Spring (December to February). It's incredibly easy to plant and very hardy so it's a great bet for novice vegetable gardeners. Garlic doesn't produce seeds: all you have to ...

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In praise of packed lunch

little boy eating 1

We Make it and Menders love packed lunches! Why do we love them? They're thrifty - a great way to use up leftovers and prepare lovely food at the fraction of the cost of shop bought sandwiches and drinks. They're creative - thinking ...

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