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Prolong the life of school clothes

Everywhere you look at the moment there seem to be ads under the banner 'Back to school' and offering all sorts of deals on shirts, skirts, ...

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How to upcycle an old sofa into garden furniture

garden sofa

Just because something is no longer fit for purpose doesn't mean that we have to throw it away - it might be that it's fit for a new purpose.  Upcycling old furniture can mean that you can make your own really unusual garden furniture. ...


Entertaining in the garden

working with colour 5

Summer time and the living is easy…time to get out the barbecue and enjoy the long hot days in your garden. You don’t need a huge garden to make the most of your outdoor room, even a small balcony or patio is more than enough. ...


How to make your own face masks - recipes

face masks

Don’t throw away the left over fruit and veg etc from your fridge – turn into fantastically rich face masks.These simple recipes all use ingredients that should be to hand at home - or are easily obtained. >> Click here for ...


Growing, cooking and preserving strawberries


Strawberries are the very essence of summer. There's nothing nicer than sitting in the garden eating freshly picked strawberries with cream. As the strawberry season is usually quite short we need to make the most of them while they're ...

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How to make decoupage hearts

decoupage hearts

Show your loved ones how much you love them by giving them a handmade  decoupage heart. It's a great way to practice your decoupage skills before you tackle a bigger project You'll need cardboard scrap paper or tissue PVA ...


How to make a quilt out of old sweatshirts

sweatshirt throw

Children grow out of sweatshirts at a rate of knots, but what do you do with them once they are past their sell by date. You can always turn them into dusters and cleaning cloths, but sometimes the shirts themselves are just too nice to ...


How to paint kitchen cupboards

painted kitchen cabinets

Bored with your kitchen? You don't need to spend a fortune having a new one fitted... A quick coat of paint to your cabinets can really lift your kitchen and make it feel like a whole new room. Once you have done this basic paint job, you ...

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