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How to make decoupage hearts

Show your loved ones how much you love them by giving them a handmade  decoupage heart.

You’ll need

  • cardboard
  • scrap paper or tissue
  • PVA glue
  • paint brush
  • small piece of wire
  • tape

Step 1 – creating the basic shape

Take a piece of scrap cardboard and outline a heart shape.

You can do this by hand or use a cookie cutter as a template.

Step 2 – cutting out

Cut out your heart shapes.

Step 3 – adding a simple loop

Now take a small piece of wire and bend it into a simple U shape with twist at the end. This creates a little loop.

Tape the ends of the wire to the back of the heart but leaving the loop exposed. This is so you can hang your heart when it’s finished.



Step 4 – decorating

Start applying scrap paper to your heart. This is done by thinning the PVA glue slightly, then painting glue onto the heart and then applying the paper – slowly building up the layers.

Cover both sides of the heart making sure you cover the bottom of the loop where it’s taped into place, but not the loop itself.

Once you have the desired effect give it a final coat of glue or clear varnish. When its dry to can add some ribbon to hang it by.


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