Easter eggs, cake and fun


Easter tradition focuses heavily on chocolate these days. In the Christian world, it’s a deeply religious time, though it’s likely Easter’s ‘egg’ symbolism has been around far longer as a symbol of fertility and new beginnings after the end of winter. One story even points to an old Saxon festival called Eostre, named after the goddess of the dawn – presumably of the new Spring.
One thing that’s certain: Easter doesn’t have to hinge on buying chocolate wrapped in an awful lot of packaging and shaped like an egg.

Things to do with real eggs for Easter

Egg votiveAn egg can be put to a number of uses during Easter.
Egg painting, for instance. Gently blow out the contents, convert those into scrambled egg, omelettes, cakes… then paint your shells, and for added effect, hang them on cut branches for an Easter tree!

Eggy inspiration

egg flowersBut MIAMI’s  Hilary is a mine of information on eggs – her ideas just require you to be a little bit more careful when you crack open your boiled egg. You can then turn the shells into mini flower arrangements, or decorative candles. You can also use them as gardening aids and a food supplement.
» More on making eggshell candles – this time with painted linings
»Hilary’s eggy inspirations

Less packaging – think like a hen

We should all aspire to the hen’s approach to egg packaging – keep it simple. One option is to buy eggs that have been simply wrapped in foil (which can be reused and recycled). If you want a little extra ‘bling’ you can pop them in a re-useable Easter egg gift box.
hanging box6Smaller foil wrapped eggs are great for Easter egg hunts.
Tips for organising an Easter egg hunt
You could also put small chocolate eggs in a home made box. Download the templates for our little giftboxes and use them for Easter

Baking for Easter

hot cross buns bakedHot Cross Buns are another Easter favourite and we’ve got a really easy recipe for you to try and make your own – and at anytime, because they are so tasty – why only eat them at Easter? » Recipe for Hot Cross Buns
I have a personal passion for Simnel cake. Everybody here at MIAMI Towers knows I can’t bake for toffee but I’ve sampled enough cake made by other people in my time to have a favourite Simnel recipe, which I slip to more proficient friends, on the basis that they’ll give me a slice of the finished product. » Delia Smith’s Simnel cake recipe
And let’s not forget chocolate! » Easter egg mould

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