Get creative with old CDs and DVDs


Whether it’s their shiny underside or the diverse artwork found on each disc, your old CDs and DVDs are beckoning you to get creative. Here’s our Top 5 Alternative Ideas for those shiny discs that are no longer part of your viewing or listening pleasure.

1. Make a CD or DVD clock

CD clock 2If you’re sick of looking at a boring black and white clock with the same boring numbers, spice up your day with a remodeled CD or DVD clock. The process is simple and you can buy small battery operated clock mechanisms online for as little as £4. Alternatively, you may have an old clock you’re prepared to dismantle.

2. CD and DVD coasters

pink cocktailThis is a great use for unplayable CDs and DVDs and also those free discs that sometimes come through the mail or as giveaways in newspapers and magazines. They can also be a great conversation starter. Plus, they’ll help your guests remember where they put their glass by remembering which CD they were using.

3. Decorating your walls

CDs for wallsOne of the most obvious ways to upcycle your CDs is to appreciate their shiny surfaces as wall art. You can connect them together with coloured string or fine wire, or hang them individually to make a pattern. Alternatively, you can cover an entire wall, or alcove, with CDs or DVDs to create light reflective wallpaper. Often Blu Tack is strong enough to hold them in place.

4. Make some cash

stack of CDsOf course, for those who aren’t quite ready to tap into their creative side, unwanted CDs and DVDs can be an excellent source of revenue. Websites like MusicMagpie make selling DVDs online for cash easy. They’ll even pay for shipping. If you’re looking to do something good for a nonprofit organisation, MusicMagpie also have a charity campaign through which you can donate the profit from your CDs, DVDs, and video games.

5. Disc chandelier

Discs are also great for lighting. Again, you can buy cheap chandelier and lampshade kits online and from craft stores. Choose a frame that gives you plenty of distance between the bulb and the CDs or DVDs, so there’s no chance of melting or burning and use lower wattage, low energy bulbs.

Don’t forget the cases

Now that you have plenty of creative ideas for giving your CDs a second life, don’t forget about their cases. These durable plastic covers are perfect for storing business cards, recipes, and more. You could even use them as photo frames.

Making sure your CDs and DVDs are unplayable before you upcycle
Before you upcycle make sure that old CDs and DVDs are unplayable. Follow these simple tips:

  • Try using a prorietory disc cleaning kit.
  • Wash the discs in cool water with mild washing up liquid.
  • If the damage is more severe and you’re willing to take the risk – try baking soda tooth paste and gentle rubbing. Then rinse carefully.

What other ideas can you come up with?

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