DIY lip balm and eye makeup remover


As I’m a simple girl at heart (I’m all for an easy life) these two recipes are super quick and easy. You’ll wonder why you spent as much money as you did on these products before.

Natural lip balm

It’s a good idea to save a couple of old lip balm pots before you make this. Otherwise Muji sell them.
In a bowl over a pan of hot water, melt equal measures of castor oil, coconut oil and grated beeswax. You can get castor oil from any chemist, coconut oil from a health food shop and I grated a pure beeswax candle for the final ingredient.
Pour the melted solution into your lip balm pot and wait for it to set.
If you want flavoured lip balm add a couple of drops of essential oil, like peppermint or orange. That’s it! Easy-peasy!

Natural homemade eye make-up remover

No cooking is required you’ll be glad to know.
Into a clean bottle pour equal measures of castor oil, olive oil and rapeseed oil. Give it a shake and voila! That’s all folks!
It takes off waterproof mascara, is super gentle and even gives your eyes a little moisturising at the same time.
Only thing to bear in mind is that I’m not a qualified chemist and these two products have only been tested on little old me! It would be a good idea to test first on the inside of your wrist – particularly if you have sensitive skin.
I like them – so I hope you do too.
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  1. Tanis says:

    You can also just use Olive Oil on it’s own to remove eye makeup. Vaseline on it’s own works well too but I find it a bit too greasy.

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