How to make rosehip oil

I always get tons of hips on my rose tree and try to do something with them before the wood pigeons who like to perch there, shake all the hips to the ground and I end up walking squashed rosehips through the house.
I made »Rosehip syrup for the last couple of years, but this year had a go at making an aromatic oil. Here’s how:

Recipe for Rosehip Oil

  • 1 cup Rosehips
  • 2 cups of your chosen carrier oil (see below)
  1. Rinse the hips thoroughly and chop off the hairy heads and the tails.DSC01173
  2. As the hips I used were already quite soft this year I didn’t bother to chop them – if yours are still hard you can chop them or bung them in a blender for a bit.
  3. Put the hips in a slow cooker (crock pot to the Americans amongst us) and add the carrier oil. I used almond oil as it’s soft, light  and nice on the skin – but you can use any oil such as olive oil or cooking oil if you can’t get your hands on almond oil. (You can usually buy it in a Health Food shop).
  4. Let the mixture bubble away, occasionally taking the lid off to give it a quick stir and make sure it all looks OK. I let it simmer  for about four hours as my hips were quite squishy – for harder hips you may want to leave it cooking for up to eight hours.
  5. Take the oil and hip mixture and strain it – I used a jelly strainer – but some layers of cheesecloth laid over a glass measuring jug will do.
  6. Once the mixture is strained and all traces of the rosehips removed you can decant the oil into jars.

DSC01105It should be kept in dark jars – as I didn’t have any I put mine back into the original almond oil jar  and I’ve put it in the fridge for a day or so until I get some small dropper jars. I’ll then decant it into these to use as gifts. I found a good range of glass and plastic bottles and caps in carious sizes at »Naturally Thinking
Rosehip oil is fantastic for skin. It’s full of vitamin C and is also recommended for healing scars, minor burns, dry skin and excema.

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  • pat

    Thanks, I just got a summer stash of rosehips off my dad, they are beautiful and I can’t wait to try this recipe.
    Cheers Pat.