How to make Christmas tea light holders


Candles are a great way of creating atmosphere at Christmas. Their soft twinkling light can warm a room and makes us all feel good. These tea lights, or votive candle holders are real gems, especially as they are made from old yogurt jars and cost next to nothing.  They’re incredibly easy and great fun to make – a perfect project for little fingers!

You will need

  • Old jars (I use old yogurt jars, which are smaller, for these tea light holders – but any jars will do. You can even use old wine glasses)
  • Glass paint
  • Outliner paint
  • Mini jewels (broken costume jewellery and odd earrings can also be used)
  • Glue
  • Wire
  • Pliers/wire cutters

Step 1

Thoroughly clean jars and leave to dry thoroughly.
If they’re still greasy or have glue residue from any labels on them, clean with a little pure alcohol or nail varnish remover on cotton wool.
Then paint the jar with a uniform cover of glass paint. Use a soft paint brush to avoid streaky marks

Step 2

Decorating your jars.

You can decorate them in lots of different ways. For these jars I have used an outlining paint to create little dots and then added mini gems attach with glue (see the picture in Step 3).

Step 3

tealights 14
When the paint and glue is thoroughly dry attach a wire handle.
Cut a length of wire about 30cmsin length . Wind it around the neck of the jar twice and twist to secure. With the remaining wire create a loop over the top of the jar and attach on the opposite side.
Experiment with creating your own patterns and by using different jar shapes – even second hand wine glasses.

Items for your toolbox

Cerne Relief Paint - ideal for creating patterns and outlining colours
Pebeo Glass Painting Starter Kit - ideal for the first time glass painter


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