Make your own Christmas wrapping paper


Whether you’re planning to give vintage Champagne or home made fudge this Christmas,  every present deserves to be wrapped with a little style – so why not create your own wrapping paper? 

Handmade paper looks fantastic but takes a bit of effort. Alternatively, you can simply create festive patterns on cheap, plain drawer lining paper. You can buy a 20 metre role for a couple of quid. (Basic brown wrapping paper also looks good with the gold Christmas tree design shown below.

Creating your pattern

Christmas tree cut outYou can buy printing rollers in greeting card kits, but I decided to go old-school and made a simple Christmas tree template out of some thin coloured foam I had left over from a previous project.

Printing ‘mitt’

Christmas tree mittI cut out the tree and stapled it to another foam square, which was slightly bigger in size than my hand. I then made a simple mitt by stapling two foam squares – the one with the tree on it and another square of the same size – together.

‘Banging out’ your pattern

mitt and printed paperIt’s easy to get carried away with projects and spend a fortune on different coloured metallic paints and glitter. I settled for one small tin of water-based gold metallic paint from B&Q, which cost £3.48. I painted the tree with the gold paint and wearing my mitt, bashed out a random gold tree pattern on my white paper.
Making Christmas wine carriers
Christmas wine carrierIf you make your hand decorated gift wrapping using slightly thicker paper it can also be turned into wine and gift carriers. Follow the instructions and download our template, which shows you how to create bags for any size of gift or bottle.
» Make your own wine carrier


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