Autumn lawn care


Spring may seem a awful long way away, but work on your lawn now will ensure you have something lush and green when the weather starts to get warm. Here’s the guide to some basic lawn TLC, as well as a few additional ideas.

Top tips

There’s plenty of useful advice out there about autumn lawn care. And here’s my top tips…

  1. Mow it – but not too short as the longer grass will protect it from frost.autumn leaves
  2. Give it a brisk rake – you’re not just after the leaves and debris but the matted dead grass that lurks under the green stuff.
  3. Aerate it – I’ve got a super tool for this but you can make holes use a rake or garden stake.
  4. Patch and fill. Use a combination of lawn ‘top dressing’ and grass seed.
  5. Roll it – you can hire rollers, some of which you fill with water to make them heavy, which is great if you live in a house like mine, which has no side access to the garden.
  6. Feed it – a good autumn lawn feed.

Don’t ignore your lawn over the winter

lawn with pine conesThere’s a great temptation that, even if you do the above jobs you then ignore the poor lawn until you want to use it again. That seems a little unfair to me.
So pop out with a cup of coffee and remind it that you care. Raking up dead leaves may be an ongoing process. Give weeds regular attention and watch out for trees trying to take over. My lawn is located near some Sycamores so I regularly check it for small Sycamore shoots and pull them out before they have a chance to get established.

Consider a little restyle

Chances are the Autumn rain will have left your lawn nice and moist and easy to dig. Now’s an ideal time for a little reshaping. I’ve been slowly replacing my angled lawn edges with something softer and curvier. A bit like me really.
paving stonesYou might also want to break the lawn up with a few paving or stepping stones. You’ll easily be able to spot the most popular routes across your lawn at this time of year, because they usually create the most wear. Make sure you sink the paving stones below the level of the grass so you can easily mow over them. They’ll have plenty of time to settle over the winter months.


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