How to make a knitted doorstop


This is the first knitted project that I have designed myself. After seeing a felt doorstop of a generic house, I decided to try and make a knitted version of my own house. I wanted to remember my childhood home whilst living away at university.


  • week 2 winner window detailI designed this house by using a whiteboard and marker pen to draw out the basic shape (using the terraced end to prop the door against).
  • I then went outside to look at my house and sketch in where the windows and the doors are.
  • Once I had the dimensions I decided how many stitches I wanted the doorstop’s width to be and then assigned stitches to the different parts of the house to keep it all in scale, marking down where I should decrease.
  • I knitted the pattern in stocking stitch using the correct colour wool to match my house.
  • I then drew out the plans for the conservatory and knitted that together.
  • week 2 winner detail of wisteriaOn the side of the house is a wisteria plant and so having completed that side I embroided the vines with green wool then used a purple wool to form small bobbles for the flowers.
  • The next step was sewing the house together and then making a base.
  • Gluing the sides to cardboard made it firm and defined the shape.
  • I filled the house with toy stuffing and sewed together the roof, creating chimneys from small knitted boxes.
  • The final act was simply sewing up the top.

“You don’t need a knitting pattern to make something you can be proud of;

if you design it yourself you can truly say that it is one of a kind.”

Claire is the second winner in our Debbie Bliss competition and can be found on her blog Crafty Claire

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    love it so cute 🙂

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