How to make a cushion cover

Adding new cushions to a piece of furniture can really lift a room and make it seem like new.  However the only problem with new cushions  is that they usually cost a lot of money.  This need not be the case.  With very little cash outlay and just a little time and effort you can have fabulous new cushions that not only look great, but are real originals.
The cushions in the picture cost me very little as the material came from a fabric company’s sample book and the inserts came from my local market.

What you’ll need

Step 1 Measure your cushion, both length and width
Step 2 Choose your fabric. If you are new to sewing, you might find it easier to use a cotton based fabric, but if you are more experienced you can choose an fabric, including from remnant baskets at the shops, old curtains, clothes and jumpers… In fact, any scraps you can get your hands on.
cushion templateStep 3 Make a pattern. Again if you are new to sewing it might be best to make a pattern from old newspaper. To do this simply mark out the measurements of the cushion pad and then add another 3 to 4 cms all round to allow for seams.
Step 4 Fold the fabric in half
Step 5 Place the pattern on the fabric, secure with pins and cut out.
cushionStep 6 Remove pattern, place the 2 pieces of fabric right side together and pin.
Step 7 Stitch down 3 sides of the cover, remembering to leave one side open.
Step 8 Turn the cover inside out (with the right side outermost), press and insert cushion pad.
cushionsStep 9 Fold in the remaining open edges and stitch. You now have a new cushion at a fraction of the price of a shop bought one.
Top Tips
* If you can’t or don’t want to sew, you can always use hemming tape to secure the sides. Simply follow the above steps, but when you get to step six insert a length of hemming tape between the layers of fabric before you pin and then press together with a warm iron. Again remember to keep one side open.
* This is only a very simple cushion cover, but you can make them more difficult and elaborate by adding zips, piping and various other effects.

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  • Hilary Bruffell

    Urmmmm…I think I’ll pass on the horse’s head cover thanks…not sure I would want to wake up to that and It would drive my poor dogs mad!

  • debbysworld

    I have just made my first cushion cover, following your easy instructions! Thank you,

    I sewed around the outside, with the coverturned the right way out, to give it a little border that would match the top edge sewing up on the outside.

    Only problem I had was I made it small so that the finished cushion felt well padded and consequently near broke a shoulder trying to sewing up the final side on the sewing machine!!! I think my overstuffed cushions would be easier to make with a zip. Do you have instructions on here to add a zip? I’ll have a browse…

    Thanks again!

  • Clare O'Brien

    Hi Debby – as it turns out our IC cushion covers is away for a week’s well earned rest. Hilary will no doubt have a reply for you when she gets back. In the meantime, sounds like your shoulder could do with a rest anyway! Glad you found the instructions useful – so far! COB