How to make felt Christmas decorations

These little felt Christmas decorations are really cheap, easy and take no time at all to make. This step by step shows you how to make a simple heart shaped appliqué design, but you could adapt the instructions to make any designs that you want.  These decorations are perfect for the children to make with you, like our salt dough decorations and Christmas tea lights holders.

You will need

  • felt christmas decorationsFelt
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Embroidery cotton
  • Buttons etc to decorate
  • Wadding or old stockings/tights for stuffing.

Step one

felt decorations
Lay out your felt.  Use a template or simply mark out your design on the felt.  If you’re using a template can cut both pieces at the same time.  To do this fold your fabric in half and pin your template on the felt before you cut out. If you’re making an appliqué design cut out your other shapes as well.

Step two

dec 4
Decorate your shapes.  Before you sew the two pieces together you’ll need to decorate each piece.   You can embellish your decorations any way you want, but the easiest is to simply embroider a design or add buttons, bows or sequins etc.   For my decorations I’ve gone for a very simple Scandinavian style design using a simple heart motif on a heart shaped decoration.

Step three

decorated felt heart

Stitch your motif in place using a basic blanket stitch.  I’ve added a button to the design to highlight the shape.

Step five

stitched felt heart

Stitch your pieces together. Place your pieces wrong sides together and use a blanket stitch around the edge…  but not all the way, leave a small opening to stuff the decoration.

Step six

felt christmas decorations
Stuff your decoration to the require thickness and then finish off sewing. As you’re using felt there are no fraying edges etc, so you can just sew up the sides.

Step seven

felt christmas decorations

Attach a ribbon or thread to hang your decorations!