Make your own lavender bags


I recently wrote on the Blog about drying the lavender from my small garden. All that was involved was tying the stems together and hanging them upside down in the airing cupboard. I took the precaution of putting the flowering ends inside a brown paper bag so any falling flowers would be caught. »More details here
Last week I finaly got round to doing something with the lavender. I just pulled the flowers off the stems by running the stems through my fingers and collected the lavender in a bowl.
I used some small samples of fabric that cost me absolutely zippo (read our tips on how to find free fabrics). I started off intending to make little heart shapes but I was in a hurry and trying to do these on the machine they ended up looking a bit ropey – the heart shaped edges were not good enough to pass muster. The problem was caused by needing to do quite small bags as I didn’t have a lot of lavender.
In the end I opted for the simple approach and just made little squares. Here’s how:

  1. Just cut out two equal square shapes to your desired size, allowing for a quarter inch seam allowance.
  2. Place the two pieces right sides together and machine around three and a bit of the sides. (If you don’t have a machine do the same using back stitch).
  3. Turn the bags right side out, using the blunt end of a pencil to work the corners into sharp points.
  4. Carefully pour your lavender inside. Don’t overfill it.
  5. Tuck the seam edges inside and neatly join the rest of the fourth side using small invisible stitiches.

That’s it! each bag took me about ten to fifteen minutes,
To hand finish the fourth seam I used blind stitch. This is very easy and gives a really professional invisible finish.

Blind stitch. Pin the seams together. Begin your seam by bringing the needle through the fabric from below, close to the edge. Catch the opposite edge from the top and run your needle about 1/4 inch under that edge. Bring the needle up on the first edge close to the edge and pull taut – but not too much so it puckers the seam.

DSC01164I’ve tried to illustrate this here.
These little lavender bags are invaluable for scenting linen drawers and helping keep moths at bay.
They also make lovely stocking filler Christmas gifts.

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