Quick and easy patio repairs

The winter frost can play havoc with the mortar between your patio slabs. Rather than waiting for the whole thing to need repointing it’s a simple task to remove and refill between the slabs using this simple, illustrated, step by step technique. It will save you money and a bigger job later.
This is a simple and quick job if done annually before things get too bad, but If you don’t repair broken and loose mortar between patio slabs in good time, further water and frost will penetrate and before you know it you’ll have wobbly slabs that need relaying.

You’ll need

Picture of what you will need for this project repairing your patio

  • Dust pan and soft brush
  • Protective gloves
  • Small paintbrush
  • Tablespoon (no, honest)
  • Patio weeding tool
  • Pre-mixed sand and mortar
  • Patio grout mix (alternative to the above)

Click here for full step by step instructions

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