Cleaning silver with aluminium foil

This is a great way of using up old tin foil is to use it clean your silver. Not only is it a highly effective way of geting the tarnish off your silver, but it also recycles your old tin foil. Win-win!

You will need

•    Washing up bowl
•    Warm water
•    Bicarbonate of soda
•    Aluminium foil
Step 1 Wash the aluminium foil to remove any debris
Step 2 Place in the bottom of a washing up bowl and add warm water and 3 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda
Step 3 Place silver items in the bowl (make sure that they are touching the foil) and leave for 10 minutes
Step 5 Remove the items and rinse them
Step 6 Dry and buff each item with a soft cloth
Hints and Tips
Before cleaning

  • Be careful about using this method for jewellery. Stones such as diamonds and opals are very delicate and plunging diamonds into hot water can cause problems. All diamonds usually have naturally occurring faults in them and excessive heat can ‘milk’ them: causing them to go a white colour and this is permanent.
  • Don’t leave items in for too long or they will turn black
After cleaning
  • If blackening does happen, simply wash the items in warm soapy water and start all over again.


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