How to clean paintwork

Sprucing up your paintwork can make you feel like you’ve repainted the whole room. It’s a fundamental part of Spring Cleaning and pays big dividends. It used to be a normal part of annual spring cleaning for our mothers’ or grandmothers’ generations and if you can spare the time it can save you a lot of money in decorating.
Start by getting off any obvious marks (like those dirty marks you get above radiators) with a soft damp cloth and some cream cleaner. If you have children then you’ll probably have crayon marks. Try a bit of toothpaste applied with an old toothbrush to shift these. You can then wash the whole wall if needed with a light solution of washing up liquid.

Top Tips

  1. Make things easy on yourself from the start by painting walls with a protective paint – Dulux makes one called Endurance that makes it easier to wipe off stubborn marks. Definitely worth using if you are about to repaint and have children, or for high traffic areas like halls and stairways.
  2. Get fingerprints off wallpaper or paintwork by rubbing them with a hunk of white bread. Or use WD40 (try it on a small spot first).

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