Super quick fireside makeover – Part Two

In our ‘Super quick fireside makeover – Part One’ we showed you how a roll or two of wallpaper could transform a room in just one weekend. In this second article we looked at accessorising your revamped space with lights and decorations…
Don’t worry if your chimney is blocked in. You may not have a roaring fire, like the one pictured but you can create a fantastic feeling of cosiness using lights and decorations.
Try filling the grate with baubles or glass vases filled with tea lights for fairy lights. Use small mirrors as a backdrop to reflect the light.

Let there be light!

It may be dark and cold outside but inside you can create a warm festive feel inside. Dress using mantlepiece using a combination of fairy lights, candles and greenery.
You can get some fantastic fairy lights these days but you can also work wonders with plain white lights by intertwining them with other decorations, a few of the straggly bottom branches snipped from a tree, or even some ivy liberated from a garden wall. Homebase is where we found our wallpaper.

And a lick of paint

Use white or light colours to bounce the light around the room.
The old drawer unit on the right was transformed using chalk paint and then dressed with cushions and throws.
Remember to give what you plan to revamp a thorough wash down with sugar soap to remove dust and grease.
Garden lanterns can be cleaned and brought indoors. Even your paint job doesn’t have to be that fantastic as a rough finish will give an antique feel doesn’t have to last, as the lanterns will be back in the garden by next spring.

Here’s some lighting inspiration

Super quick fireside makeover – Part One

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