Easy to make Lamb Pie

Lamb pie
Here at MIAMI we like nothing better than saving a little money, especially when it means you can create your own delicious meals at a lower price. We all know the pull to pick up a ready meal or even order up a take away, but there is nothing nicer than making your own meal [...]

Making elderflower cordial


Elderflower cordial is one of the first true tastes of summer and you can make it yourself just by foraging for the flowers and adding the cost of some sugar and citrus fruits. It’s a great pleasure to prepare and very easy…  just follw these simple steps. All credit for her recipe to Carrie-Jean Walker, Southern […]

Entertaining in the garden


Summer time and the living is easy…time to get out the barbecue and enjoy the long hot days in your garden. You don’t need a huge garden to make the most of your outdoor room, even a small balcony or patio is more than enough.  It’s not about size and it’s about what you do […]

Make beautiful meringues – fast

Main pic

How to make beautiful meringues and produce an impressive teatable presentation in next to no time at all

Planning a perfect… Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving table crop

Why wait for Christmas to organise a winter feast? Here are our tips for planning a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve got some great recipes and a few new twists, ideas for decorating your dining table, as well as some history. There’s something for everyone – whether you’ve been doing it for years or are a […]

Growing, cooking and preserving strawberries


Strawberries are the very essence of summer. There’s nothing nicer than sitting in the garden eating freshly picked strawberries with cream. As the strawberry season is usually quite short we need to make the most of them while they’re fresh so you can keep the taste of summer going, even into the winter. Here are […]

Easter eggs, cake and fun


Easter tradition focuses heavily on chocolate these days. In the Christian world, it’s a deeply religious time, though it’s likely Easter’s ‘egg’ symbolism has been around far longer as a symbol of fertility and new beginnings after the end of winter. One story even points to an old Saxon festival called Eostre, named after the […]

Delicious, easy recipe for hot cross buns


Our delicious recipe for hot cross buns includes step-by-step images and easy to follow instructions. Have a go!

Chocolate is for life, not just for Christmas

My first go at making handmade chocolates was somewhat inspired by my mother’s chocolate Christmas trees. This chocolate gift is less expensive, quicker to prepare, vegan and, most importantly, its consumption is not restricted to one holiday of the year! You need 100g of the cheapest dark chocolate I could find 50-75g almonds 50-75g dried […]

Chocolate Christmas trees – still time to make these festive treats

Hand made chocolates are all the rage  – if rather expensive. These lovely chocolate Christmas trees look festive, taste great, are simple and relatively cheap to create and make lovely gifts. You don’t need special moulds. Just follow the pictures and our step-by-step instructions. You’ll need Dark chocolate White chocolate Nuts or dried fruits (that […]

Recipe for spare ribs cooked in a pressure cooker

This recipe, cooked in a pressure cooker, makes absolutely delicious and moist spare ribs – and in just 45 minutes for medium sized ribs (plus marinating). MIAMI loves pressure cookers because they save fuel, they save time and really importantly, they save flavour and nutrients. They’re a sustainable way to cook. What you need Serves […]

Pressure cooking is sustainable cooking – and very good for you

We’ve turned into pressure cooker converts! We’d been investigating ways that people can eat well on smaller budgets, saving money on ingredients – and fuel bills. Conflicting objectives in some ways, because while you can buy cheaper cuts of meat or dried pulses and grains, the money you save is often eaten by higher fuel […]

How to make blackberry and hedgerow jelly


I love the taste of blackberries, but the pips can be really annoying – this delicious jelly gives you all the taste without the pips. The jelly is perfect smeared on hot toast with lashings of butter  – made with your own homemade sourdough bread .  You will need 2lbs/8 cups/900g blackberries (you can use […]

Recipe for mini Victoria sponge cakes


Who doesn’t love a British Victoria sponge cake? It’s one of the easiest recipes if you’re new to baking – a classic that tests baking expertise in country shows everywhere (and on TV now) and it’s probably the most delicious tea-time treat ever invented. Here we have a small twist – mini- Victoria sponge cakes, […]

Recipe for mini cheese and bacon tarts


A recipe and instructions for making delicious individual cheese and bacon tarts.

Recipe to make easy mini lemon cheesecakes


These cheesecakes look beautiful, are perfectly proportioned and are deliciously light and zingy. They’re fast and very easy to make, especially with Lakeland’s 12 Cup Mini Sandwich Tin. If you can’t get hold of one of these, use loose rings on baking trays or make a single cheesecake in a 20cm springform tin. It’s important […]

Recipe for lemon curd tarts

Fresh lemon curd

These small lemon tarts will really pep up your tea table and you may even want to include them in a kind of pudding mezze with cupcakes, chocolate crispies, fresh fruit and cheese… The tarts are made simply with just shortcrust tart cases and a generous teaspoonful of zingy lemon curd.

Make the perfect jam tart

Baked jam tarts on rack

Perfect jam tarts rely on perfect shortcrust pastry. Follow our step-by-steps and master the art of perfect pastry making for tarts, pies and turnovers.

Cookery holidays abroad


There’s nothing wrong with a book and a beach but why not combine this year’s holiday with acquiring a new skill? And what could be nicer than learning to cook like a local? Here are our top tips for finding and booking a cookery holiday abroad. A word of advice before booking You can book […]

Saving water in the kitchen


There are plenty of ways to save water in the kitchen. Not only is this eco friendly but it can also cut your metred water bills. Choose A or A+ appliances A or A+ rated washing machines and dishwashers use less energy and water than lower-rated ones. This helps cut carbon emissions and save water […]

How to make chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles for Mother's Day

A recipe and instructions to make handmade chocolate truffles.

Try our simple fish recipe


There are a number of television ads at the moment trying to kid you that fish is difficult to cook and takes ages to prepare. Hah! Try our simple and highly adaptable recipe – that works for all sorts of fish and with a range of tasty sauce options. And make those advertisers eat their […]

How to lose weight without dieting


Back away from those fad diet books! – there’s nothing to see there.  You don’t need to fork our lots of money on the latest books and DVDs to lose weight. We all know in our heart of hearts that crash diets never work and the only way to  lose weight is to readjust our […]

Window sill soup


Not all of us have an allotment. Not all of us have a garden. But even a single solitary window ledge can  produce an astonishing array of vegetables – particularly during the colder winter months. Here are some simple window sill ideas that can be turned into fantastic warming soups in minutes. A few year’s […]

Quick and easy decorations to make with the kids


One of the nicest parts of Christmas is sitting down with your children to make decorations.  We’ve rounded up loads of really simple ideas that you can do together – some for free! Scroll down for baking, sewing, felting, sticking, painting… and even folding projects (like the junk mail Christmas tree shown here). Don’t forget – imperfections […]

Mulled wine mix – a great Christmas gift


Nothing conjures up the feeling of Christmas like the smell of mulled wine and this easy recipe means you can whip up mulled wine or cider in a matter of minutes. It also makes a great Christmas gift. One reason why mulled wine takes time is because dried spices need to warm and soften before […]

Thanksgiving wild rice casserole


A recipe for a savoury wild rice casserole to serves with at a Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving sage and butternut squash tart


A recipe for a delicious sage and butternut squash tart – the perfect accompaniment to a Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving mashed potatoes with onions


A recipe for delicious Thanksgiving style mashed potatoes with onion.

Make a traditional Christmas cake


If you haven’t baked it before, traditional Christmas cake is worth the surprising small effort it takes. Not everyone thinks they like Christmas cake, but then maybe they’ve not tasted one you’ve made. They also make special gifts.  This recipe is one I’ve adapted over the years and the rich stickiness of the dates is […]