10 minute vegetable noodles


This week, Caroline the 10 Minute Cook shows us how to make vegetable noodles. Her video is shot in real time and actually lasts just over 9 so it’s a very fast and very delicious dish to make when you’re in a hurry. You can serve as it is or add some tofu or chicken […]

10 top tips for jam making and preserving

Blackberry jam

Top tips for getting into preserving and jam making

A first lesson in making jam – VIDEO


People often think that making jam is a time-consuming and difficult job. Marianna, a student at UCL, was no exception. She was keen to give it a try, but expected it to take a lot longer than the 15-20 minutes it actually took her. We decided to have a go at raspberry jam as she […]

A foolproof recipe for making marmalade


There’s been a lot of discussion lately around how difficult it is to make marmalade and lots of variations on how to make it. Judging by  the comments on our website and on our Facebook page many of you are having difficulty getting a set – either overdoing it and ending up with too solid […]

A recipe for sweet tomato chutney

Spooning out the rest of the sweet tomato chutney

This recipe comes from Sue Fidler. It’s a family favourite based on a Madhur Jaffrey recipe that she’s added to and pefected over the years. It’s absolutely delicious and you can start eating it as soon as it’s cooled down (or sooner if you fancy something warm). Word of advice from Sue: only make this […]

A Thanksgiving cranberry chutney


A recipe for a cranberry chutney-like sauce to accompany a Thanksgiving dinner

A wartime lesson in how not to cook cabbage


We discovered this classic little information film, Two Cooks and a Cabbage from the second World War – made in 1941 on the way to cook cabbage – and how not to cook it! It’s the story of two little sisters charged by Grandma to cook the lunchtime cabbage. My aunties were young women in […]

A wartime recipe for rosehip syrup


I was wondering what to do with the abundance of rosehips I get each year on my rambling rose when I came across this wartime recipe from The Ministry of Food. When food was short during the second world war every possible edible resource had to be exploited and the MoF issued these instructions for […]

An alternative to canned veg for diabetics


The lovely Lina from Milan (see her recipes for »preserving green tomatoes in oil or vinegar) contacted us to share this great recipe for preserving vegetables with no added sugar. Lina was recently diagnosed as diabetic and has been increasingly frustrated by the fact that almost every canned vegetable and other products contain large amounts of sugar […]

Baking sourdough bread


Making sourdough bread is one of the most satisfying baking experiences you can have. It’s a slow process but, I find, involves a bit less work than making a commercial yeast-based bread. Sourdough is real slow food and the more slowly you make it, the better the flavour and texture of your sourdough loaves. You […]

Boxing Day Turkey Stew


Guest contributor April Masson shares her leftover turkey recipe. If turkey sandwiches don’t appeal to you on Boxing Day, here’s a nice winter warmer made entirely from Christmas dinner leftovers. You should already have everything you need in the fridge and it takes very little effort to prepare. Perfect for a lazy winter’s day! Ingredients […]

Caramelized shallots and green beans


A recipe for caramelized shallots with green beans, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner side-dish

Caroline’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


This week Caroline is ably assisted by her daughter Bethany in making Chocolate Chip Cookies – yum yum – and easy-peasy! And well done Bethany! For baking trays and mixing bowls we love Lakeland

Caroline’s Malaysian Curries


I recently blogged about lunch with Caroline Mi Li Artiss and promised to share her delicious curry recipes. She emailed them to me this weekend so here they are – highly recommended. Caroline’s Green beans with shrimps This dish is a great side dish to have with any curries or rice or any South East […]

Chinese style chicken and sweetcorn soup


We’re looking at lots of ways to keep your immune system strong as we go into the winter. So today Caroline the 10 Minute Cook shows us how to use up that leftover chicken carcass to make a really tasty and nutritional Chinese-style chicken soup. She reckons this is great for boosting your immunity to […]

Chocolate Christmas trees – still time to make these festive treats

Hand made chocolates are all the rage  – if rather expensive. These lovely chocolate Christmas trees look festive, taste great, are simple and relatively cheap to create and make lovely gifts. You don’t need special moulds. Just follow the pictures and our step-by-step instructions. You’ll need Dark chocolate White chocolate Nuts or dried fruits (that […]

Chocolate is for life, not just for Christmas

My first go at making handmade chocolates was somewhat inspired by my mother’s chocolate Christmas trees. This chocolate gift is less expensive, quicker to prepare, vegan and, most importantly, its consumption is not restricted to one holiday of the year! You need 100g of the cheapest dark chocolate I could find 50-75g almonds 50-75g dried […]

Confessions of a reluctant jam maker


Well I have to write this as I promised to do so in my earlier piece Why I’m going to make jam, which I think would be more appropriately titled as “Reluctant confessions of a novice jam maker“. I’m no longer reluctant to make jam – but I am very hesitant to confess the results! […]

Cookery holidays abroad


There’s nothing wrong with a book and a beach but why not combine this year’s holiday with acquiring a new skill? And what could be nicer than learning to cook like a local? Here are our top tips for finding and booking a cookery holiday abroad. A word of advice before booking You can book […]

Cooking creatively with kids


Do great chefs use recipes? Of course not. They experiment, they concoct and they create. I’m on a mission to get young children doing the same! If we can encourage them to do this while they’re young, we can help make more confident cooks, who are less wasteful and much more creative. Why children will […]

Cooking pizza in the fireplace


Thanks to Sally for this great article – and can anybody help her with her broken oven? It seems there’s no end to all the culinary gadgetry available to us today. Do we really need all this stuff? Our ancestors got by without it. And what would happen if something broke down? Would we break […]

Cooking with a Remoska


MIAMI member, Chris Levy, is a huge fan of her Remoska oven and tells us why using this versatile and economical appliance has transformed her cooking and saved her money. She also shares her recipe for making bread in a Remoska. What is a Remoska? It’s a saucepan-shaped oven that cooks at 180C/350F and uses […]

Cornbread for stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey


How to make cornbread, the base for a Thanksgiving turkey dressing or stuffing and a recipes for cornbread, bacon and cheese stuffing.

Crispy belly pork with sweet dipping sauce


This week Caroline Mi Li Artiss demonstrates a delicious oriental roast pork recipe which she says is very, very easy and makes a delicious change to your normal roast. Belly pork is much more economical than other roasting cuts so you’ll be saving your money too. And as well as the video the recipe is […]

Crispy Seaweed – simple and green!


I wrote a week or so back about my love of green food- such as ‘green’ risotto. There’s something unmistakably soothing and calming about green food – maybe we instinctively think of it as healthy, as it reminds us of being outdoors. Here’s another ‘green’ favourite that’s very easy, cheap and satisfying to make in […]

Deb’s Sticky Toffee Pudding


I recently had the pleasure of staying for a week at journalist Deborah Dooley ‘s writers’ retreat in Sheepwash, North Devon. As well as being fabulously stimulating to the creative juices, the old gastric juices also got a treat. I prevailed on Deb to share her scrumptious recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding. I made it […]

Decorate t-shirts with quick and easy dye pens


We’ve been road testing some dye products and decided to stress test Dylon’s dye pens. These are just like normal marker pens but are for dyeing onto fabrics. My nephew Fred aged 9 had a go at customising a couple of t-shirts and absolutley loved the marker pens as they are so easy to use. […]

Delicious, easy recipe for hot cross buns


Our delicious recipe for hot cross buns includes step-by-step images and easy to follow instructions. Have a go!

Easter eggs, cake and fun


Easter tradition focuses heavily on chocolate these days. In the Christian world, it’s a deeply religious time, though it’s likely Easter’s ‘egg’ symbolism has been around far longer as a symbol of fertility and new beginnings after the end of winter. One story even points to an old Saxon festival called Eostre, named after the […]

Easy to make Lamb Pie

Lamb pie
Here at MIAMI we like nothing better than saving a little money, especially when it means you can create your own delicious meals at a lower price. We all know the pull to pick up a ready meal or even order up a take away, but there is nothing nicer than making your own meal [...]