Caramelized shallots and green beans


A recipe for caramelized shallots with green beans, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner side-dish

A Thanksgiving cranberry chutney


A recipe for a cranberry chutney-like sauce to accompany a Thanksgiving dinner

Making Bonfire night food and fun


Countries around the world may have embraced Halloween as the festival to brighten up encroaching winter, but November 5th – Bonfire Night – is Britain’s very own celebration. Bonfires have been lit and fireworks set off for more than 400 years since Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. These […]

Toll House Cookies


I’ve just heard it’s National Baking Week between 18th and 24th October.  So here’s a question. What’s the connection between National Baking week and the play “On Golden Pond” by Ernest Thompson? Well, I’m involved in a production of the play and one of the characters – the  young boy, Billy Ray Junior  is enamoured […]

It’s pumpkin time again

Winking pumpkin by minipixel

A round-up of Make it and Mend it things to do with pumpkins

Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes


Caroline Mi Li Artiss has a wonderful cupcake recipe that is perfect for a Halloween or Vampire party. Here’s the recipe and there’s a video demo from Craoline at the bottom of the page. A timely recipe to try for October whether you’re having a go for national Baking Week, celebrating Halloween or just into vampires. […]

More great recipes for National Baking Week


18th  to 24th October 2010 is National Baking Week in the UK and a great chance to hone your baking skills. Let’s face it who doesn’t love baking cakes? And who can resist a freshly baked loaf? That’s why  National Baking Week is encouraging us to Bake and Share – at school or at work […]

Deb’s Sticky Toffee Pudding


I recently had the pleasure of staying for a week at journalist Deborah Dooley ‘s writers’ retreat in Sheepwash, North Devon. As well as being fabulously stimulating to the creative juices, the old gastric juices also got a treat. I prevailed on Deb to share her scrumptious recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding. I made it […]

Swap your crops


I recently ordered some glass bottles for making cordials from the excellent Jam Jar Shop and noticed a few new developments from them. The first is a new initiative called The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers, a not-for-profit company created by Jam Jar Shop, dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of jam-making and under the patronage […]

An alternative to canned veg for diabetics


The lovely Lina from Milan (see her recipes for »preserving green tomatoes in oil or vinegar) contacted us to share this great recipe for preserving vegetables with no added sugar. Lina was recently diagnosed as diabetic and has been increasingly frustrated by the fact that almost every canned vegetable and other products contain large amounts of sugar […]

A recipe for sweet tomato chutney

Spooning out the rest of the sweet tomato chutney

This recipe comes from Sue Fidler. It’s a family favourite based on a Madhur Jaffrey recipe that she’s added to and pefected over the years. It’s absolutely delicious and you can start eating it as soon as it’s cooled down (or sooner if you fancy something warm). Word of advice from Sue: only make this […]

Making tomato marmalade


Making a tomato marmalade with chillies based on a recipe found in my grandmother’s 1929 edition of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

What Blitz spirit means to Angela


Angela Waller was taught to knit by her father when she was 3 years old, published her first novel when she was 76, was an air hostess in the 50s-60s and ran a London boutique a stone’s throw from Abbey Road.  She believes that her war year experiences have helped shape not only her but […]

How to make lavender shortbread


I have heard so much about lavender biscuits recently that I finally had to give in and try my hand at some. ..and the result?  Amazing! They are now a firm favourite; perfect for a summer’s afternoon, served with a cup of tea or a few raspberries and cream. Ingredients 65g caster sugar 175g butter […]

Freezing summer fruit


If you’re lucky enough to have a glut of homegrown fruit or just want to enjoy it in the winter months then freezing makes a lot of sense. At the time of writing summer berries are in plentiful supply and, with the exception of strawberries which just go soggy, they freeze very well. (Use any […]

Redcurrant jelly from the allotment


Redcurrant jelly is one of those preserves I’ve always shied away from. 1) I’ve had no access to decent quantities of redcurrants and 2) it’s a jelly! You need complicated things like jelly bags and loads of space – don’t you? I have vague memories of my mother making blackcurrant jelly from the fruit in […]

How to make elderflower champagne


I was so inspired by Clare OB’s recent post on making elderflower cordial, I found myself thinking of other ways to prolonging the taste of summer and started looking around for other recipes. I found the perfect answer – elderflower champagne.  What better way to enjoy the taste of summer in the depth of winter […]

A first lesson in making jam – VIDEO


People often think that making jam is a time-consuming and difficult job. Marianna, a student at UCL, was no exception. She was keen to give it a try, but expected it to take a lot longer than the 15-20 minutes it actually took her. We decided to have a go at raspberry jam as she […]

Making cherry jam and cherry pickles


Pickled cherries? Have you ever made them? Well, I love my preserves, but I’d never made them, nor cherry jam before. But a few days ago I managed to rescue around 7 kilos of Rainier cherries from the lopped branches of an oversize tree in my friend’s garden. Thanks to everyone who suggested recipes after […]

Making jams, pickles and preserves


Some of the most popular posts on our website are about making jams, preserves and pickles. One of the keys of our make and mend philosophy is to take advantage of things we can grow. We’ve published lots of pieces on this topic as well as loads of great recipes, so this page pulls them all […]

How to make pork carnitas


This recipe has just sent me straight to the freezer to pull out the nice pork shoulder I have in there. I can’t wait to eat this. As usual Caroline’s recipes are both yummy and very easy to follow and replicate. watch the video or read the written recipe (and you can print the page). […]

A wartime lesson in how not to cook cabbage


We discovered this classic little information film, Two Cooks and a Cabbage from the second World War – made in 1941 on the way to cook cabbage – and how not to cook it! It’s the story of two little sisters charged by Grandma to cook the lunchtime cabbage. My aunties were young women in […]

How to make Creme Brulee – yum yum!


Who can possibly resist the delights of Creme Brulee? The combination of that hard crispy topping and the warmth and melt-in-the-mouth creaminess of the custard below make a sensual and delicious combination. Don’t just save this for a restaurant meal – make it yourself at home. Get that blow torch ready people! Ingredients: 1 ¾ […]

Cooking creatively with kids


Do great chefs use recipes? Of course not. They experiment, they concoct and they create. I’m on a mission to get young children doing the same! If we can encourage them to do this while they’re young, we can help make more confident cooks, who are less wasteful and much more creative. Why children will […]

Mother’s Day gifts on a budget


Our Make it and Mend it tips for a marvellous Mother’s Day and that rely on love and inspiration rather than a trip to the shops. Enjoy! I’ve been a mum for 19 years. I know some of you out there have been mums for longer and some of you may be just starting out, […]

Crispy belly pork with sweet dipping sauce


This week Caroline Mi Li Artiss demonstrates a delicious oriental roast pork recipe which she says is very, very easy and makes a delicious change to your normal roast. Belly pork is much more economical than other roasting cuts so you’ll be saving your money too. And as well as the video the recipe is […]

The perfect home-made apple pie


This week the lovely Caroline Mi Li Artiss shows us how to make a super yummy apple pie – always a good way to win friends and influence people in the kitchen department! Caroline’s just got herself a brand new website and she’s on a mission to teach men how to cook. We’re all for […]

Getting the best out of your Aga


I have a two-oven, 1970’s LPG-fired Aga, in that lovely old-fashioned cream colour. I inherited it from the people we bought our house from seven years ago. It was a lucky strike as I’d previously had an Aga bought from new in my last house. It was only five years old when we moved and […]

How to make Mandarincello


Winter is the season for citrus fruits and hopefully you’re making the most of all the cheap vitamin C that is around. However what do you do with all that left over peel? Do you just throw it in the bin or composter? How about turning it into a delicious summer drink? Mandarincello makes a […]

How to make a baked blueberry cheesecake


Caroline, The 10 Minute Cook is back with another great recipe. This time she shows us how to make this delicious blueberry cheesecake.  Perfect for your loved one on Valentine’s day.