10 delicious summer cocktail recipes


Beat the heat or relax during a rainstorm while enjoying one of these yummy, summer cocktails. From a classic Tom Collins to a variety of blended fruit drinks, you’re sure to love these 10 simple recipes! 1. Mojito 2 ounces white rum 8 mint leaves ½ chopped lime ½ ounce sugar syrup Club soda Ice […]

52 Ways to Transform Your Life

The lucky winners of Annabel Sutton’s fantastic book – 52 Ways to Transform Your Life are Kim from Powys, Catherine from Ruislip and Tracy from Ipswich. A copy of the book is on its way to each of them. A consolation prize of a MIAMI T shirt goes to Kate from Finchley in London for […]

Buy our book!


Short of inspiration? Nervous about making something for the first time? wanting to learn a new skill? Trying to save a bit of money? Keen to use up those leftovers or find a use for that old chair or those old school sweatshirts? Eager to create some more personal special gifts for friends and family? […]

Entertaining in the garden


Summer time and the living is easy…time to get out the barbecue and enjoy the long hot days in your garden. You don’t need a huge garden to make the most of your outdoor room, even a small balcony or patio is more than enough.  It’s not about size and it’s about what you do […]

Getting the best out of your Aga


I have a two-oven, 1970’s LPG-fired Aga, in that lovely old-fashioned cream colour. I inherited it from the people we bought our house from seven years ago. It was a lucky strike as I’d previously had an Aga bought from new in my last house. It was only five years old when we moved and […]

Holding a Swap party


We’ve written before about clothes swapping parties or ‘Swishing’, but it doesn’t have to be just clothes.  If you really want to put the brakes on your own personal conspicuous consumption, but still need some things – maybe your family is growing, you’ve moved home, you’re setting up home for the first time, or you […]

How to de-clutter your head


There’s always loads of advice at this time of year on how to de-clutter your house or your desk, but this New Year how about de-cluttering your head? That would make a good New Year resolution. XX One of the most common things people moan about is having way too much to do and not […]

How to get the most from your New Year Resolutions

starting block

Hands up those who’ve already are already panicking about keeping their New Year Resolution wagons? Don’t worry you’re not alone… And help is at hand – just follow these tips and maybe a little hypnotherapy and you will be well on target to succeed. We all know that sticking to our New Year resolutions if […]

How to make a cake stand from vintage plates


The traditional afternoon tea is back!  And this Victorian style cake stand is bang on trend and will add real glamour to your tea party.  Only problem is that they normally come with a hefty price tag,  but this little stunner is really cheap and easy to make. You will need Plates Support Ceramic drill […]

How to organise an Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg hunts are great fun for children and there are a loads of different ways to organise one, no matter what your budget or how much time and energy you have for the task. The Minimalist Demolition Derby Approach If you have a lot of space, or just a few children and don’t mind […]

It’s time to get Spring Cleaning


At last the sun is shining and it is beginning to feel quite spring-like.  The only problem with this lovely weather is that it highlights all the dirt and dust that has accumulated over the winter months.  So what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than to indulge is a good old fashioned […]

Kirstie’s homemade home

kirstie image

According to celebrity house hunter and UK television personality Kirstie Allsopp, nothing compares with the pleasure and satisfaction of making something yourself! So here at MIAMI Towers we’re making room on the shelf for her latest book – as there speaks a woman after our own hearts. Kirstie has refined her Make it and Mend […]

Make artwork from remnants


Even small scraps of fabric can find new uses in the hands of Make it and Menders. But what about turning them into works of art? Lucy Roberts creates fantastic pictures from remnants and she’s created a very easy to follow step by step guide to her Remnant Rainbow idea, so you can create the […]

Making a letter rack by up-cycling old vinyl records


Old vinyl records, too scratched to play, make a brilliant raw material for all sorts of up-cycling projects, from small bowls and plant holders, to book ends and letter racks. We’ve got a special download for members with full instructions on how to make this letter rack that features in Sian Berry’s book, Junk for […]

Making the most of green energy


Time was when dinner party conversations about home improvements focused on loft conversions and new kitchens. But a combination of increasing fuel costs and growing concerns around the environmental cost of our petroleum and gas dependency has made green energy home improvements a hot topic. It’s not simply a question of installing the latest alternatives. […]

Mending tips from wartime Britain


During WW2, millions of people had to make do as well as they could, when clothing, food and goods were strictly rationed. This gave rise to those wonderfully informative government propaganda leaflets, such as the famous Make do and Mend series. A lot of the stuff in them seems bonkers to us today : would […]

Mother’s Day gifts on a budget


Our Make it and Mend it tips for a marvellous Mother’s Day and that rely on love and inspiration rather than a trip to the shops. Enjoy! I’ve been a mum for 19 years. I know some of you out there have been mums for longer and some of you may be just starting out, […]

Practical saving tips for teenagers


Whether you’ve got a child who’s thinking about university or who wants to go straight into work, they’ll probably want a financial helping hand. But rather than simply hand over some cash, think about ways you can get them to make their money go further. xx For example, November 2012 saw the launch of junior […]

Reasons to be cheerful – part two!


Last April, I wrote a piece on the blog about 10 reasons to be cheerful when you’re broke. Sitting here towards the end of January, it seems like a good time to revisit that theme.  The turn of the year is always punishing on the wallet and the bank balance. It’s not just the cost […]

Step away from that fitting room!


Guest writer, Gabrielle Utton, has set set herself a big personal challenge: no new clothes for one year. Here she tells us why… No new clothes for a year? What’s your reaction to that sentence? Is it: no problem, just think of the money I’ll save. Or: yikes, that’s unthinkable! Well, that’s the challenge I’ve set […]

Super quick fireside makeover – Part Two

In our ‘Super quick fireside makeover – Part One’ we showed you how a roll or two of wallpaper could transform a room in just one weekend. In this second article we looked at accessorising your revamped space with lights and decorations… Don’t worry if your chimney is blocked in. You may not have a […]

The fabulous Homemade Home


The Homemade Home is the absolute to-die-for book for Make and Menders. Sania Pell has served up a delicious cocktail of tempting ideas and projects that are easy to do as well as beautiful and incredibly creative. Sania is a stylist and designer with a background in textile design. She’s a lifelong passionate make and […]

The financial resolution revolution

money fightclub

Resolutions you make at the beginning of the year – financial or otherwise – often fail to make it past mid-February. But don’t beat yourself up. Money Fight Club explains why spring is the new New Year when it comes to making the most of your money  How’s the diet, the fitness programme, packing up […]

The spirit of the Blitz – more than a date, a country or a war


The ‘Blitz’ described the bombing of mainland Britain that took place between early September 1940 and May 1941. Bombs fell on many countries during the Second World War  but the lasting legacy was not the damage and destruction, but the so-call Spirit of the Blitz, when people made the most of very little – and […]

Upcycling Christmas for next year – think before you bin it


Twelth Night, usually marked on January 6, is the traditional day for taking down all the festive decorations. But packing away Christmas usually involves throwing a lot of it away. This year think about what can be saved and then upcycled to give you a head start on next Christmas. Last year’s Christmas cards for […]

Valentine’s Day on a budget

heart hands

If there’s one thing that psychologists and financial advisers agree on it’s that nothing puts pressure on a relationship like financial worries. So why does spending money show someone how much you love them? Here at Make it and Mend it we don’t think saying ‘I love you’ should have a price tag. “I love […]

What Blitz spirit means to Angela


Angela Waller was taught to knit by her father when she was 3 years old, published her first novel when she was 76, was an air hostess in the 50s-60s and ran a London boutique a stone’s throw from Abbey Road.  She believes that her war year experiences have helped shape not only her but […]

Winter energy saving tips

gnome in the snow

Cut your winter energy bills, prevent burst pipes, be really cosy and have some fun. Our round-up of simple solutions, DIY tips and step by step instructions will give you a rosy glow and save you lots of  money. Cut winter energy bills There are a number of simple things to do to make your […]

Work on a ‘new you’ as well as a tan this summer


While New Year is the traditional time for making resolutions, you may stand more chance of succeeding if you plan your personal makeover during the summer holidays. So here are some great books to inspire you plus a FREE member download – an infographic of Make it and Mend it’s 10 Top Tips for keeping […]