Reviving Christmas baubles with glue and glitter


These very unloved Christmas baubles were just begging to be thrown in the bin – but we don’t do that at MIAMI Towers unless it’s the last resort. Instead we up cycled them into something new and original using… glue and glitter. The result is  less sugary and more sparkly. With a glue gun, electric […]

How to revive old Christmas baubles using decoupage

The problem with baubles is that they break and you end up with lots of odd ones.  There’s nothing wrong with mismatched baubles and randomly decorated trees can be really enchanting. But if you want to ring the changes and produce a themed or coordinated tree, decoupage could be a cheap alternative. You can completely change the […]

Cushions make great handmade gifts!


There’s nothing nicer than a handmade gift and cushions are really quick and easy to make.  They don’t need to cost a fortune, but can look a million dollars.  You don’t even have to buy special fabric as you can use leftover fabric, old clothes… even tea towels or shirts. How to make a basic […]

Your upcycling projects


We recently gave you the chance to win a copy of Junk for Joy! We asked you for your upcycling projects and the competition judges were blown away by the response. Here’s a look at our winners. Thinking outside the box Take a look at this fantastic revamp project from Nina Walker. “One of my […]

How to get a verdigris effect on a wooden object


Verdigris is a natural patina that makes copper turn into a greenish or turquoise colour, with a slightly dusty matt effect. It happens when copper is exposed to the elements – as you can see from many cupolas and weathervanes. But you don’t need real copper to get a verdigris effect – you can create […]

How to upcycle an old cupboard door into a coffee table


I am delighted to see that the Blue Peter gene is still alive and kicking in my family and has been passed down to my son.  I was looking for a table for my summer house and he created this masterpiece out of an old cupboard door and some leftover storage boxes from the greenhouse. […]

Making a letter rack by up-cycling old vinyl records


Old vinyl records, too scratched to play, make a brilliant raw material for all sorts of up-cycling projects, from small bowls and plant holders, to book ends and letter racks. We’ve got a special download for members with full instructions on how to make this letter rack that features in Sian Berry’s book, Junk for […]

How to paint a metal watering can – freehand


Got a rusty old watering can that is past its best?  Fancy making it look better or just fancy creating something different?  Then a simple coat of paint and little creativity could give you a really unusual garden ornament. You will need Watering can or other metal object Metal undercoat Metal paint spray paint such […]

Creating a simple rose design is easy with our template


Download our simple rose design template and paint this easy to copy eye-catching motif on household items, use it as a stencil on walls and cupboards, or print and cut out for fabulous decoupage… Not everybody is a natural artist, but our rose design template is breathtakingly easy to follow and can be done using […]

How to varnish a wooden dining chair


Instead of throwing out your old, sad and slightly worn dining chairs, why not restore them and breathe new life back into them by spending a few productive hours cleaning up and applying a few coats of varnish.  It’s a really simple process, but the effects are well worth the effort and proof that upcycling […]

Upcycle a chair with decoupage


Decoupage is an 18th century craft form enjoying a real renaissance.  From the French term meanin ‘to cut up it was an inexpensive way of decorating personal objects. Today it’s a really popular way of breathing life into old furniture and this project demonstrates that by using some well chosen images you can upcycle those […]

Transform tired old dining chairs


Ideas how you can revive old dining chairs by upcycling them into stylish new pieces

How to recover an upholstered dining chair seat pad


It’s very easy to revive an old dining chair with a lick of paint, but sometimes you need to do a bit of mending and renovating as well.   This too is quite a simple job, once you know how.  This step by step will show the how to repair your seat pad and renew the […]

Easy sewing projects for beginners


We did a survey a while ago to find out what you like best on Make it and Mend it and what you’d like to see more of. One of the most requested topics was easy to sew projects. Many of you are just starting to experiment with a sewing machine, and some are rediscovering sewing skills you thought […]

Start your fantastic Make it and Mend it Christmas now!


Unwrap the perfect Christmas, with money saving tips and inspired ideas for food and fun. You can make our stained glass biscuits to eat, or our salt dough decorations to brighten up your tree. Plus, Christmas giving takes on a whole new meaning when your gifts are presented in beautiful boxes crafted from old greetings […]

How to add decoupage to a lampshade


Lampshades, especially light coloured ones can become very scruffy and sad. Instead of consigning them to the rubbish, why not breathe new life and colour into them by upcycling them using decoupage? It’s really easy and takes very little time. It’s also a great way to use up old magazines and comic books too. Here’s […]