Video for DIY t-shirt scarf

Finished scarf

If you prefer to watch a video instead of, or as well as, our pictorial step-by-step instructions here it is. For details of the materials and what to do, see the DIY scarf instructions page.

Decoupage a chest of drawers


It’s easy and rewarding to rescue an old piece of furniture and upcycle it with a coat of paint and some decoupage. in the past we’ve decoupaged dining chairs, lampshades and even kitchen cabinet doors, but  I wanted a set of drawers for storing different fabrics for quilting.  An old three-drawer filing chest became a […]

Upcycle your old jeans into a bag


How to make a tote bag from a pair of old jeans

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Short of inspiration? Nervous about making something for the first time? wanting to learn a new skill? Trying to save a bit of money? Keen to use up those leftovers or find a use for that old chair or those old school sweatshirts? Eager to create some more personal special gifts for friends and family? […]

Make your own 3D letters

Large 3D letters dispalyed on the wall are very popular, but can be very expensive to buy.  These great letters look fantastic, but won’t cost a penny to make. You will need 4 or 5 cereal boxes of the same or similar size Masking tape Printed paper such as sheet music (shown) PVA glue Water […]

Make a magazine clutch bag

Party season is on us again. Whether you’ve blown your budget on fabulous dress and killer heels or you’re just fed up with buying things you really only use once, this is a really simple way to get a coordinating clutch bag for next to nothing. The key to this project is some clear flat […]

How to make a quilt out of old sweatshirts

Children grow out of sweatshirts at a rate of knots, but what do you do with them once they are past their sell by date. You can always turn them into dusters and cleaning cloths, but sometimes the shirts themselves are just too nice to want to do this. So how about reinventing them into […]

How to make decoupage hearts

decoupage hearts

Show your loved ones how much you love them by giving them a handmade  decoupage heart. It’s a great way to practice your decoupage skills before you tackle a bigger project You’ll need cardboard scrap paper or tissue PVA glue paint brush small piece of wire tape Step 1 – creating the basic shape Take […]

How to make paper bunting

What do you do with old books? Especially old paperbacks with broken spines and missing pages?  How about making some fun bunting? You will need An old paperback book Pencil Craft knife Cutting mat Needle and cotton or sewing machine Step one Lay the  open book on the cutting mat. Step two Draw a heart [...]

How to use chalk paint

painted table before and after

The lovely folk at Annie Sloan sent us a goodie bag starter kit recently to see what we could do with it. Never one to shy away from a challenge I jumped at the chance. I have to admit I’ve never used their paint before, but was excited to have a go. So what to […]

How to hollow out a light-bulb


Modern light bulbs can last a long time but when they go, they go and the glass can’t be recycled. But you can turn old light bulbs into wonderful containers and decorative objects – with a little care. We show you how… You’ll need old lightbulbs NB Never use a fluorescent bulb for this project – […]

Makeover your hallway – first impressions are lasting impressions


I was lucky enough to spend an inspiring day at the Ideal Home Show with the lovely folk from B&Q and Kirstie Allsopp. We got to talking about which room you’d choose to do up first. It seemed to be that you were either a bedroom or living room person. But when challenged about which […]

Instructions for making a quilt out of old sweatshirts


Follow these 6 simple illustrated steps to turn the kids’ old sweatshirts into a beautiful quilt. And as a variation you can use it as a picnic blanket by backing it with oilcloth so it’s waterproof You will need Old sweatshirts Needle and cotton Fleece or more old sweatshirts for the backing or oil cloth […]

How to upcycle an old sofa into garden furniture

garden sofa

Just because something is no longer fit for purpose doesn’t mean that we have to throw it away – it might be that it’s fit for a new purpose.  Upcycling old furniture can mean that you can make your own really unusual garden furniture.   I had an old sofa that had been sitting in […]

We’re starting the 30 Day Get Chucked Challenge

Get chucked 30 day challenge

    February is a great time of the year to be get on top of all those little jobs we hate, and an even better time to start clearing out the deadwood before we start the manic spring clean. With that in mind I was inspired by an article by Victoria Lambert in the […]

The art of recycling paper

brian dettmara

Paper art originated in Japan over 2,000 years ago – it’s an incredibly complex craft that is still practised today, yet most people assume ‘paper art’ refers simply to origami shapes and animals. There are artists all over the world who are creating work that demonstrates just how incredible paper art can be, as well […]